4X44 GeoGrid

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Fits residential construction like it was made for it.

4X44 GeoGrid

Residential Polyester Biaxial Geogrid

Now dependable GeoGrid, our polyester grid line, comes in a more efficient size for smaller jobs and smaller budgets.

On 4' x 44' rolls, easy to use GeoGrid just simplified your options for reinforcing walls under six feet in height when used as a biaxial grid.

This is the stuff viability is made of and technical data is readily available that proves it. 

All of our Geostar products – how we make them and make them available to you – are strategically positioned by purpose, price, proximity and performance.

We have what you need, you can afford it, we can get it to you, and you’ll get more than you need from it.

And we’re on a new roll.